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I bitched about it to [ profile] sleepyscribbles, I've mentioned it on Tumblr, and now I post about the monstrosity that is this anime. (Also, we mention characters named Odin and Alice, who are our original characters. Long story short: Odin was a womanizing and inconsiderate jerk of mine who makes babies cry at the sight of him, and Alice was unfortunate enough to date him for a short while.)

So much ranting. I won't apologize for it. )

The coherent version: Based on the four episodes I've watched (never agaaaaain), Itazura Na Kiss is awful. The male lead Naoki Irie doesn't deserve the female lead Kotoko because she's too nice for him, and I don't understand how anyone expected an audience to empathize with him. And she certainly didn't deserve some guy who didn't respect her and I was sorry to hear that she ended up marrying him. Ugh.

Also, the supporting cast is boring and lackluster, in both personality and character design, so if you hate the leads and you hope to at least find a minor character to love like I'd do, then you're fucked. It's specifically set up so you have no choice but to watch the show for the lead characters.

MAN, it's rare for an anime series to piss me off. It only took four episodes! It's not as bad as Hot Gimmick, but it's up there. I'm going to heal myself with School Rumble because so far that show's been adorable and hilarious.


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