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Well, now we've started feeding the birds outside of our home. Which we always did, but lately we have to make sure we put out bird seed on the front steps in a little bowl so the birds won't steal the peanuts from the squirrels. Like, yesterday we had this group of starlings--which are very beautiful birds, I discovered--appear out of nowhere and sit on our front porch for hours, and they kept stealing peanuts. We haven't seen them before and we'll probably never see them again. That's how random their appearance was. And don't even get me started on the pigeons.

We're insane for taking care of these animals. Not that I'm complaining. They stay away from the windows and our cats, and they never leave a big mess, so it's no big deal.

Starting the day after today, I'm off for a week! I can get started on checking something for the Spring 2010 semester I'm aiming for, and I can be free and nerdy! I'm going to try and get my glasses fixed, and probably get some writing done.

(Also, I had this weird Teen Titans dream that wasn't about the Teen Titans at all but characters and settings were imagined in that style. I only remember a rich snotty girl forced to be some hero or something. Oh and I've been awake since five in the morning on eight hours of sleep. It was weird.)

I'm currently listening to Celine Dion. It's all your fault, flist.
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I decided to delete the last entry. I hate posting angst entries. It makes me feel embarrassed later. :/ Sorry to you guys.

I picked up this meme from [ profile] cheriestar, so I busied myself for a few minutes with these last night.

Comment here and I'll pick three of your fandoms. You have to repost this with your answers to the questions in your journal. Or you can do it here in the entry, whichever works.

Teen Titans )

Sailor Moon )

Disney )
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• I'm inspired to sign on for NaNoWriMo yet again. I should actually just wait to attempt it next year, or wait until the July challenge, but I have ideas in my head and I actually want to write them down. I love living under stress, don'tchaknow! Um, looking for anyone else who's thinking about doing this to suffer along with me.

• I finished most of the mini fanmixes! Here's the following complete so far: Beast Boy/Terra (Teen Titans), Mytho/Rue (Princess Tutu), Setsuna (Sailor Moon), Chibiusa/Hotaru (Sailor Moon), Sokka/Zuko (Avatar). I still have to complete Harold/Rhonda and Fakir/Ahiru. It turns out that while I ship these two ships, I don't know songs from the top of my head that fit these two. D: So ... I have to dig through my iTunes tomorrow. D: Feel free to download the songs! And if anyone still wants to make a request, feel free to spam me with more character and ships.

• I started on my path to watch K-ON once again! It's not the best anime ever, but it's cute and something light to watch!

• I-I have a Gopher icon. I don't even like him that much, but dammit, that face will forever haunt me. Also? Rainbows. (Um, Soul Eater fans, is there a reason why the fandom keeps calling him Waffles? O_o I'm very confused. When did he get this nickname?)
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I realized I haven't made a post about real life and general things in a few days, outside of those twitter posts. Oh, and I should work on putting LJ cuts on those. I'll get around to that tomorrow or Wednesday. For now, have some bullet points with notes and random thoughts.

• Dear 2009: Stop with the celebrity deaths, please. Thanks.

• It's a good thing we don't have any booze around here and I have little to no interest in it. If I made up a drinking game about Kanye West and any LJ/twitter post that mentions him, it wouldn't end well.

• I noticed that I hadn't been paying attention to any television shows. I think I got utterly disappointed with Heroes so badly that I dropped TV altogether. Most of the time my TV is off and I'm either reading or playing around on the computer/PSP. So uh. What's everyone watching lately?

• I've been writing! Considering I've been suffering from a writer's block for a long time, I feel good. I'm still not happy with the finished products, but it's better than nothing.

I've got a problem, though. I have an RP line to write I've been putting it off since June, I have to write it, and this OC's voice isn't active, at all, which ... making me panic a lot, because he's ... literally not clicking in my head, no matter what I try and do with him. I've had this character since I was fifteen or sixteen years old, and I don't want his muse to go comatose on me. :( Can any writer on the flist lead me to writing exercises I can work through to poke him back to life? Anything will help a lot. ♥

• Also, I am in dire need of Beast Boy/Lightning icons. Dammit, [ profile] cheriestar. I am looking at you. (LJ totally needs to give us more icon space. 100 icons, plus one royalty icon for every subscription renewal, is not enough.)
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They're not magnificent, but I like them.

Five icons )
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Six ships you're into right now.
1. Nana/Hachi (Nana)
2. Sokka/Toph (Avatar: The Last Airbender)
3. Vincent/Yuffie (Final Fantasy)
4. Nephrite/Naru (Sailor Moon)
5. Cain/Oscar (Count Cain)
6. Starfire/Terra (Teen Titans)

Three ships you liked, but don’t like anymore.
7. Shin/Reira (Nana)
8. Sokka/Suki (Avatar: The Last Airbender)
9. Robin/Starfire (Teen Titans)

Four ships you never liked
10. Senshi/Generals (Sailor Moon)
11. Beast Boy/Raven (Teen Titans)
12. Aang/Toph (Avatar: The Last Aribender)
13. Takumi/Hachi (Nana)

Two ships you're curious about, but don’t actually ship.
14. Yasu/Nana (Nana)
15. Rhonda/Curly (Hey Arnold!)

The Questions )
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Teen Titans' "Forces of Nature" episode ... in French.

I can't stop laughing at Lightning's voice in French. He sounds even more annoying in a different language. Especially when he first yells at Robin when the Titans appear. And when he laughs. And when he says "No," at some point to Thunder and stretches the word out. roflmao.

Starfire's voice sounds lovely, as well as Raven's. Beast Boy's voice grates on my nerves, though. Not sure how I feel about Robin's.

I'm still wondering WTF keeps happening to Thunder's pants in this episode.


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