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I feel like shit. I've had these strange body aches and dull pain since Tuesday. First it just started with the ball of my right foot, and now the muscles in the back of my left thigh are sore and I'm starting to feel it in my hands. I don't know what I did. Maybe standing for five hours with cheap pairs of shoes are doing it to me, or I pinched a nerve? I felt fine on Monday, but as soon as early Tuesday morning rolled around, it hit me. :\

In other news, because I know a few people are going to want to hear about this or in case anybody's curious: The Last Airbender's getting critically panned by both professional critics and fans alike. So far it's got an astounding rating of 9% on Rotten Tomatoes. (That may or may not change since it's only been released this week.)

Personally I can't say I'm surprised. Even when you leave the casting decisions out of the reasons why you shouldn't see this, it just sounds like a disappointing film in every other aspect. I really hope nobody pays to see this, only because it doesn't seem to come anywhere close to the energy and spirit of the show.

(By the way, the rumors about the female characters' roles getting diminished or completely forgotten? Sorry to say, but given what's been said in reviews so far, it's true. Not only was Katara a weaker fighter, but she didn't even get to inspire the Earth Kingdom prisoners to fight back against the Fire Nation soldiers, or fight against Pakku, or even get the upper-hand in her one-on-one fight with Zuko. And the Kyoshi Warriors--plus Suki--were cut from the film completely.)

EDIT: Also, I've tried nutella for the first time ever. It's ridiculously delicious. (Sadly I'm the only one in the house who likes it. Too bad, there's going to be a jar in the house from now on.) I gobbled up two pieces of toast covered in nutella and I plan to do it again tomorrow when I wake up. I'm just sad I couldn't celebrate its goodness with bananas because we're all out. :(
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An icon meme that I've done millions of times before! )

I'm tired and crabby and I want to eat pasta but we lack some. :(
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Yesterday was a calm day. I baked cookies. One batch of soft & sweet chocolate chips, one batch of peanut butter. I thought the peanut butter cookies were going to be ruined. I screwed up the first recipe and had to salvage it by trying to find another one. D: The peanut butter cookies came out delicious, though. I have to find a way to enrich the taste of the peanut butter, though; it was a little too weak for my taste.

I need to find a new profile code. The one I've got now is bothering me.

Also also also watching the season finale of Food Network Star OMG I AM SO NERVOUS, HOLD ME. (This is basically the only reality show I care about.)


Mar. 18th, 2009 10:41 pm
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I made homemade peanut butter.


I missed you, peanut butter. I missed you so much.
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Suggestion: don't ever, ever, EVER go shopping when the windchill factor is thirty below zero outside. Because OW OW OW FACE HURTS.

Another suggestion: don't get the fried rice from Panda Express, because it's disgusting and tastes nothing like real fried rice. Real fried rice is kickass. (Though, their stir fry vegetables were delicious.)

I finally got my gifts all ready, though. I still need to get gifts for people, and send Christmas cards out. Expect the cards sometime this week in time for the holidays (if we're so lucky, heh). Also, if you want a greeting card, let me know now.
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The rules are that for 8 days you have to post something that made you happy that day.

Mom made one of my favorite dinners: stuffed cabbage. I pick out the meat usually, but omg cabbage. I love it so.

And Dad and I went to the store to pick up ingredients for the first recipe here. If no one can see the link for what reason, they're white chocolate and oreo blondies. I can't wait to try it out!

(Sadly, though, today I have a headache. A really bad one. DX)


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