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I feel like shit. I've had these strange body aches and dull pain since Tuesday. First it just started with the ball of my right foot, and now the muscles in the back of my left thigh are sore and I'm starting to feel it in my hands. I don't know what I did. Maybe standing for five hours with cheap pairs of shoes are doing it to me, or I pinched a nerve? I felt fine on Monday, but as soon as early Tuesday morning rolled around, it hit me. :\

In other news, because I know a few people are going to want to hear about this or in case anybody's curious: The Last Airbender's getting critically panned by both professional critics and fans alike. So far it's got an astounding rating of 9% on Rotten Tomatoes. (That may or may not change since it's only been released this week.)

Personally I can't say I'm surprised. Even when you leave the casting decisions out of the reasons why you shouldn't see this, it just sounds like a disappointing film in every other aspect. I really hope nobody pays to see this, only because it doesn't seem to come anywhere close to the energy and spirit of the show.

(By the way, the rumors about the female characters' roles getting diminished or completely forgotten? Sorry to say, but given what's been said in reviews so far, it's true. Not only was Katara a weaker fighter, but she didn't even get to inspire the Earth Kingdom prisoners to fight back against the Fire Nation soldiers, or fight against Pakku, or even get the upper-hand in her one-on-one fight with Zuko. And the Kyoshi Warriors--plus Suki--were cut from the film completely.)

EDIT: Also, I've tried nutella for the first time ever. It's ridiculously delicious. (Sadly I'm the only one in the house who likes it. Too bad, there's going to be a jar in the house from now on.) I gobbled up two pieces of toast covered in nutella and I plan to do it again tomorrow when I wake up. I'm just sad I couldn't celebrate its goodness with bananas because we're all out. :(
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[ profile] ssj10 explains the reasons why you shouldn't pay to see The Last Airbender or any merchandise related to it. It's a very heartfelt, moving entry that asks others to reconsider boycotting the film if they were planning on watching it.

[ profile] ivy_chan posted two entries about the extremely offensive Supernatural fanfiction using the recent tragedy of the Haitian people as a backdrop for their story and the reasons why it's offensive. If anyone's heard of the wank but isn't completely sure what happened, these posts sum it up, and they also explain why this story was offensive.
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I don't have much to post today since I didn't do anything except catch up on some well-needed sleep and decide that I'm going to buy a new purse tomorrow, but I do have a a link to something important that I found via [ profile] alba_aulbath's journal.

"I Have Always Depended On The Kindness of Strangers..." This is a recent experience of how unfairly the United Airlines treated [ profile] evilpuppy, who's been suffering from a spinal injury since 2004. Please read this, because this needs to be brought to everyone's attention if they intend to travel, and I encourage all of you to avoid United Airlines or let them know they've lost potential business because of this incident. What happened here was absolutely inexcusable.
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Since real life is boring, have a few links.

Nostalgic Critic reviews Surburban Comando. I had no idea about this movie's existence. Now I kinda wish I didn't. D:

Batman: The Bold and The Brave, the musical! [ profile] cheriestar told me about this episode. The show is pretty campy for a Batman cartoon, so this episode was fun. Neil Patrick Harris playing the Big Bad! Super heroines singing love ballads while knocking out villains! Oh and Batman sings at some point. It's kinda awesome.

Foot-Long Spider Lizard Wants To Join The Legion Of Super-Pets. Spider Lizard, Spider Lizard...

oh, lord.

Apr. 19th, 2009 04:40 am
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'Twilight' author sued for plagiarism?

Two things I'm wondering:

1. Is this even true? Show me a news article, or it didn't happen. (There's another article here, but it's basically the copied text of what's above. The bad grammar and the misspellings alone leaves me skeptical.) I mean, it would make sense, because I don't understand how she wrote an entire novel in two to three months as a housewife and mother of three kids without the editing process and without something suspicious in the works. (I'm not saying that a housewife and/or mother can't write a novel. It's the time it took to write that novel - with all of those responsibilities to deal with - that seems entirely impossible to me.) However, I'm questioning the article's legibility, and I'm assuming Smeyer's innocent until proven guilty because plagiarism isn't something to joke around about. That can ruin someone's career in a split second. :\

That, and plagiarism isn't exactly "she took my idea for a story"; it usually falls under "she took scenes and words directly out of my story and adapted them into her novel". Let's face it, there's nothing really original in a plot about an ordinary girl falling in love with a dangerous supernatural guy by itself. So unless Smeyer truly copied the "sparkling vampire" scene word-for-word, it'd be difficult to bring this series to court over one fictional short story that uses the same basic formula for every other vampire novel out there, y'know?

2. Why would anyone want to claim this series as their own? Seriously? (Okay, I know, the money. But still.)

Edit: This page here states that it's still filming, so I'm 95% sure this article is absolutely false.
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Yes, another RaceFail entry, but it's not an essay of my thoughts. I think if you know me well enough, you'll know what my feelings are already concerning the matter. This is more of a heads-up for anyone who didn't know what it was about until tonight.

As I originally discussed with Sev over AIM last night, I didn't understand what RaceFail '09 meant and where the actual problem stemmed from until I read this. It's a nice summary. If you're unfamiliar with RaceFail '09, take the time and read this summary. It's a little TL;DR, since it includes outside links, but it's brought about a lot of interesting and necessary discussion because of it.

Especially this link. Here's a snippet of this blog entry:

It's about Avatar: The Last Airbender except in the live action there will be no Heroes of Colour, because the cast has been decided and they're all white. So too are the major Heroes of Dragonball Z. As were the main hero of SciFi Channel's EARTHSEA.

Even when the culture is non-white, even when it's not a case of aspects of my culture or some other non-white culture being incorporated into some white Europic Fantasy for some white Europic goal - there's no guarantee of proper, respectful representation.

It's about being fed up with all of that and not in the mood to pamper or pet someone who has far more privilege than they seem willing to admit to in the realms of fantasy and science fiction.

I do believe it's essential to at least read some of these things and realize how big of a problem it really is, especially if you're a writer and especially if you're white (like me). Recognizing the problem is a good start, but it's not enough.

So, go on and read, discuss, spread the word, et cetera.


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