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I'm starting to wonder if I'm cursed.

First it was my phone. Then it was my iPod. And now, my ring went missing for two days.

I finally found it in my blanket, but still. D:

I'm waiting a few more days for the iPod to show itself. If I don't find it by then, it's time for another one. I'm not sure if I want to get another iPod nano or finally give in and get myself an iPod touch. To be honest, I like the iPod Touch that my dad has, but I don't like how sensitive the touch screen is, and if I want to play any games, I can just borrow his iPod. I only like music players that play...well, music. And Lord knows I will never own an iPhone so that option's out. (Not that I dislike iPhones; I just don't use my phone at all.)

Still, I need my iPod back. I ripped a Michelle Branch CD. It demands nostalgic revisiting!

So...been home for awhile. Nothing drastic has happened, except that [ profile] sleepyscribbles and I may or may not retcon all of our characters and their roleplay from scratch. Not completely, since we're keeping some things in and we're still working through the details, but our characters have evolved so much over the last few years that it's probably time to apply those changes from the beginning of their story.

I want to know, does anyone have any writing exercises for original characters? Or meme things? I found some OC Inspiration Charts that I intended to fill out on my day off tomorrow and Friday, and I already know about the existence of 365 Questions for Roleplay Characters, but I haven't really found anything else to satisfy me.
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So, I hope everyone had a good Halloween.

I wish I could say the same for myself. Today I ended up rushing to the Geek Squad after my computer wouldn't reboot. It turns out that my hard drive went into failure. Again. This is the second time it's happened. The first time it happened, it was nearly a year ago, and that happened without prior warning, too. (Also? Same timing; early November. WHAT THE FUCK, NOVEMBER?!)

I swear to God, I DID NOTHING TO PROVOKE IT. It just happened all in one day, without prior warning or any clear reason. I had to dig up the spare we kept and reformat the hard drive. I was able to get all of the folders I needed to save, so hopefully I can transfer everything back onto this computer.

I've reached my boiling point. If this computer goes into hard drive failure one more time, I'm getting rid of it and buying something else. Maybe an HP Pavilion (or something like it) or an Apple computer, if I can find a good one. Also? Fuck Dell computers. Never again. This piece of shit's given me nothing but trouble since day one.

(Either that or I'm FOREVER CURSED with horrible technology. I seem to break things EVEN THOUGH I DO NOTHING WRONG.)

At least my birthday's ... technically tomorrow! I don't want to turn 23, but I'm getting my favorite meal out of it. (My mother's homemade red sauce and spaghetti. HOORAY. \o/) Also, TOY STORY 3 COMES OUT ON THE SAME DAY. FUCK YEAAAAH.
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So, after a few hours and $70, the computer looks like it's back in business. I'm cautiously hopeful!

Question: does anyone know how to keep tracking cookies off of your computer, or do I just have to remove them with my anti-virus program whenever it scans the computer?

I added NoScript and Adblocker-Plus to my Firefox browser, so hopefully that should block some of the scripts such as doubleclick. I also went into my Internet options and adjusted the settings to block tracking cookies. I'm just wondering if there's anything else I can put on my computer to protect it.
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I can't seem to get a break lately.

My laptop computer wouldn't restart properly last night. I tried to start it with safe mode, three times, until it finally gave me the blue screen of death. I ran a self-diagnostic test today and it says it can't detect my hard drive. Oh and I have a feeling someone's mad at me because I had to cancel plans to work on this laptop, so not only am I frustrated but I'm feeling guilty as well!

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I love how my laptop gives me the blue screen of death, fails at system restore, and won't let me get into my desktop, the day before NaNoWriMo begins.

My last laptop went berserk and blew up on my birthday, too. At least it was two days in advance this time.

Oh, and Firefox on this computer? It keeps crashing.

So, yeah. If I'm not around as much, you know why. */headdesk.*
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Part of me is intrigued that somebody created a robot to this degree. It's impressive and I applaud the inventor for going that far.

Mostly, though, I'm extremely disturbed by how she's being shown off in this video. What disturbs me most is this article I found about the "tweeks":

Le says his relationship with Aiko hasn’t strayed into the bedroom, but a few “tweaks” could turn her into a sexual partner.

Le said: “Her software could be redesigned to simulate her having an orgasm.”

Excuse me while I go throw up. DX


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