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-number here- Days Edition

...I'm tempted to do this because I'm bored and obviously insane. Except the drawing aspect of it, because I'm not much of an artist anymore, but I do like the idea of creating these characters as a challenge. I probably won't make it to 365 characters--it's fucking crazy and I obsess forever over one character if I feel inspired--but it's something to aim for.

I've had SO MANY characters throughout my lifetime, though. I wonder if it counts as a new original character if you're just taking an old one and trying to apply it to a different universe, because I'd have a good thirty of them already. (Probably not. Sigh.) And to be fair, the universe I work on with [ profile] sleepyscribbles needs little one-shot characters fleshed out. They don't exactly count as characters, even though I know they're there, because they don't matter to the plot overall. I usually go all-out with my characters, major or minor, so this is a good excuse for it.

IDK. We'll see. Laugh at my boredom if you must. :[

(Another reason why I want to do this is because I lack villains. I'm actually really bad at making a villain without changing my mind and making them an antihero instead, or the exact opposite of what they were intended to be. This might be a good exercise to just mess around with some ideas, especially for NANOWRIMO.)
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I finished the Soul Eater anime. It was awesome, but that's not the point of this post.


Y'know, for...educational purposes.

idk, I want to do something fannish; I just haven't figured out exactly what, though. Maybe something a little fanmix-y that isn't really a fanmix, just for the hell of it.

Oh, and it doesn't have to be strictly Soul Eater. >_>
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I thought I would put together a list of my favorite characters and ships, as I've seen [ profile] escalove do. Because I don't think I've put together an official listing?

Fandom-only. Because if I bring the original characters that Sev and I created, they'd fill the entire lists up themselves. 8D;

The Lists )
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So, I talked about shipping. Know what else I want to talk about?

Give me a subject - any subject - and I will tell you why and/or how it is made of fail.

Here, I'll start with this:

Here, have a resource.

IF ANY OF YOU PAY TO SEE THIS MOVIE "FOR THE LULZ", I WILL PERSONALLY DISOWN YOU. Fine, I won't, but I will frown in your general direction, how's that for ya?
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oh my god why am I watching clips of Passions - the soap opera - on YouTube?

YES I USED TO WATCH SOAP OPERAS. I mean, yes, it's Passions and it's ridiculous. I know it is. But Ashley, Fei Fei and I used to religiously watch this show when we were in middle school. They used to come over to my house nearly every day. We watched Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball Z ... and then this soap opera. We knew all of their names, the relationships, I got THE FUCKING BOOK which had lots of sex in it... this entire show was my life when I was in middle school, amongst Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball Z. It was so pathetic, but I still get all sad when I watch the clips. D:

Here, have a clip of Gwen and Theresa, who fought over this rich guy Ethan.

You know, I was all about OMG ETHAN/THERESA FOREVER when I was younger. But now that I watch this years later, I'm rooting for Gwen in this one. Theresa was so obsessed with Ethan that it was insane, and she totally plotted to get together with Ethan. (Also, Theresa always looks like she's pouting and that she's about to burst into tears. It's those puppy dog eyes, I think.)

Gwen here? She is the scorned lover holding a baseball bat and swinging it around at her traitorous best friend - and she's wearing a red cocktail dress and heels, and also digging into a little purse for a cell phone at the same time, while attacking Theresa. It's so nonsensical. You can only get away with that in soap operas.

Oh, and apparently LUIS AND SHERIDAN NEVER ENDED UP TOGETHER IN THE END? WHY?! oh god my heart. ;___;
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... Wow. Did anyone else whose a fan read chapter 81 of Nana on Not going to give anything away, but it made me cry and feel frustrated all at the same time. THIS MANGA IS TUGGING AT MY HEART STRINGS.

Edit: oh btw, spoilers if you don't read the manga/haven't caught up on it.
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1) Comment with one of my fandoms.
2) I'll answer with one or a few of my unpopular opinions about/within that fandom.

I'm can't sleep and I'm bored. Amuse me if you're around!
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I finally stopped being lazy and finished "Inkheart" by Cornelia Funke. I really liked it! I'll definitely pick up its sequels next, but, one thing I noted ... I started shipping a pairing that's ... probably and obviously never going to happen.

Why does this always happen to me? :|
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I don't get how I can get writer's block and have two new muses for original characters come out of nowhere at the same time. How does that even work?! :/


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