May. 2nd, 2011 02:43 pm
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Well, I'm sick. Again. Body aches and sore throat. It all happened last night when I woke up from my nap. I feel significantly better after I slept in, but I still feel like shit. Hopefully my night at work will be uneventful, and if I ask, maybe they'll put me somewhere warm.

It's really starting to annoy me that I've been getting sick frequently. :\
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Found this on tumblr! It looks fun, and I could use a distraction after a crappy day at work.

Give me a fandom, and I'll give you...

1. My het OTP:
2. My slash OTP:
3. My femslash OTP:
4. My endgame OTP:
5. My original OTP:
6. My crack OTP:
7. My guilty pleasure OTP:
8. My anti-OTP:

Yeah, I realize that I have a listing of fandoms and my ships, but some of them didn't make the list yet so ... ask away. There's bound to be some surprises. Ask for any fandom you think I'd be familiar with, or just look at my userpics for a closer look. If I have a hard time with a fandom you give me, I'll let you know. (Also, yes, Sev, you can ask for original characters for shits and giggles.)
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So I see that a few people on my flist have either done this meme already, or they're getting around to completing it. I wanted to give a crack at it. I'm not sure if I played too many games that will let me fill out all of the prompts, but I'm going to try. Here goes nothing!

Day 01 - Very first video game. )

I'm going to work a Bulls game today. Tomorrow, it's my birthday and thankfully I have the day off! (And this was without me even requesting the day off.) HOORAY FOR SLEEP.
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Well, now we've started feeding the birds outside of our home. Which we always did, but lately we have to make sure we put out bird seed on the front steps in a little bowl so the birds won't steal the peanuts from the squirrels. Like, yesterday we had this group of starlings--which are very beautiful birds, I discovered--appear out of nowhere and sit on our front porch for hours, and they kept stealing peanuts. We haven't seen them before and we'll probably never see them again. That's how random their appearance was. And don't even get me started on the pigeons.

We're insane for taking care of these animals. Not that I'm complaining. They stay away from the windows and our cats, and they never leave a big mess, so it's no big deal.

Starting the day after today, I'm off for a week! I can get started on checking something for the Spring 2010 semester I'm aiming for, and I can be free and nerdy! I'm going to try and get my glasses fixed, and probably get some writing done.

(Also, I had this weird Teen Titans dream that wasn't about the Teen Titans at all but characters and settings were imagined in that style. I only remember a rich snotty girl forced to be some hero or something. Oh and I've been awake since five in the morning on eight hours of sleep. It was weird.)

I'm currently listening to Celine Dion. It's all your fault, flist.
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I know I haven't been working on those memes lately. I'll get right on them a little later. I've been busy with work and I'm just messing around on Tumblr these days. Oh and nursing that bump on my head's been a top priority, too.

Right now, I'm officially on vacation for two and a half weeks while the All Star Games are happening, so I'm going to try and find something to do in the meantime! IDK what, though. I'm thinking about repainting the bedroom. I'm leaning towards a green color, but it isn't official yet.

I'm bored! So I'm going to do this meme again since it's nearly been a year:

Ask me my fannish Top Five [Whatevers]. Any top fives. Doesn't matter what, really! And I will answer them all in a new post. Probably with pictures if possible.

Don't ask me about my Top 5 Rants Against Sailor Moon, my Top 5 Senshi, or Top 5 Underrated Ships. If you're curious, you can read about those here.

[ profile] ivy_chan asked for my Top Five Fanon Pairings before, but I never filled that one out so I'll save it for this round.
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I'm pretty sure I had some sort of heat stroke. I was working in the eighty-eight degree weather today, and when I got home, I passed out as soon as I had something to eat. Then I just got up, and I. was. dizzy. Vertigo dizzy, not just regular dizzy, and my eyes and sinuses hurt. I went and ate ice cream as soon as I woke up because I was hot. (We have air conditioners in our home, but our living room doesn't have one yet and that's where I passed out.) I'm still light headed, but it's slowly getting better.

Oh, well. Have a music meme!

Day 01 - Your favourite song
Day 02 - A song that makes you happy
Day 03 - A song that makes you sad
Day 04 - A song that reminds you of someone
Day 05 - A song that reminds of you of somewhere
Day 06 - A song that reminds you of a certain event
Day 07 - A song that you can dance to
Day 08 - A song that makes you fall asleep
Day 09 - A song from your favourite band
Day 10 - A song that no one would expect you to love
Day 11 - A song that describes you
Day 12 - A song from your favourite album
Day 13 - A song that you listen to when you're angry
Day 14 - A song that you listen to when you’re happy
Day 15 - A song that you listen to when you’re sad
Day 16 - A song that you want to play at your wedding
Day 17 - A song that you want to play at your funeral
Day 18 - A song that makes you laugh

Day 04 - A Song That Reminds You Of Someone

I can't not post this song and ignore [ profile] sleepyscribbles. <3

At this point, this song stalked us. I'm serious. We'd be talking on AIM or hanging out somewhere, and all of the sudden, we hear the song. Hell, I was watching Adam Sandler's The Wedding Singer and an instrumental/wedding version of the song came on when we were talking on AIM once. We couldn't escape the song, so much that it just turned into our song. (I mean, it sort of fits us. She's a small town girl! I'm just not a city boy from south Detroit; I'm a city girl from the south side of Chicago. BUT IT TOTALLY FITS.)

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Poland was hit really hard by the death of their president, his wife and ninety other public officials. Watching the week of mourning occur on television and seeing all those people together is...really depressing. The Polish community here in Chicago is just as passionate; they held a morning mass and they're honoring a local artist who was killed in the crash, someone who sought to educate people on the Katyn Forest massacre of 22,000 Poles.

I didn't know much about the president or the country's politics, and it makes me a little embarrassed to admit that, considering I'm mostly Polish. It did inspire me to look more into my cultural background and remind myself of my roots. I'm sure my grandparents would've wanted that.

On a lighter note, I'm off for the week, until I have to go back next Monday. Work today was a little dull, since I worked escalators instead of an aisles, but I preferred that for the day. It was quiet! And the weather was a little chilly, but it wasn't so bad.

I found this meme on my flist, by [ profile] bringthefate. I filled it out a few hours ago, but I forgot to post it, so here you go.

A 'You Know You're From The 90s' Meme... )
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This was such a bad week, so I'm glad it's over. I hope it gets better from here.

Bad news: I have work all through this week and school starts next Monday. Fuuuuck. I need money for school books. And schedule a dentist's appointment. My teeth are still hurting me and giving me headaches. :\

Good news: I can register for graduation this semester so I can get my associates. I'm going to be the first out of my siblings to finally get my associates. Hooray? I'm scared shitless, personally.

Um. I'm wide awake and bored and realized that I have people on my flist that are fairly new. So here, have a meme.

So I want you to ask me something you think you should know about me, something that should be obvious, but you have no idea about, or something you've always been curious about but have never asked, or something completely silly that you'd like me to answer for kicks. No limits on the range of questions, either: ask me anything you want to know about, whether it's a question about a fic of mine or trivia about my real life or my thoughts on events in the offline world.

Ask away. Then post this in your LJ and find out what people don't know about you! Um, if you want to, go ahead, but I won't force you.
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Holy crap, I fell asleep at seven o'clock last night and woke up at six o'clock this morning because Fievel went after the birds, AGAIN. Crazy! I'm still tired, too. :/ At least that I don't have work until five o'clock tonight. There's time for me to relax, get some reading or writing done, and put my feet up.

You know that "Goodlife Recipe" cat food? We just discovered that my dad's cat Milo really likes it; he bought it on clearance this morning, and Milo started eating it straight out of the bag. I wonder if it's really as healthy as it's marketed? It would be nice, because Milo's getting older now and we need to watch his health. All of the cats treat Fancy Feast like it's their candy - because Little Baby only wanted to eat Fancy Feast when she hit a certain age and we only fed it to her at the time - so a change in their diet wouldn't hurt.

Edit: If you have the Firefox browser, there's this add-on where you can read a new Calvin and Hobbes strip every day. A Calvin icon shows up in the corner of the status bar; when you click that, the strip pops up. I already love this add-on!
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My day sucked so bad - I'm not even going to begin explaining why, because I'm still upset - and I'm still exhausted after that nap I took.

Tomorrow will be better, and I'll be better rested. Ashley and I are going to catch up tomorrow after work. She wanted to do it tonight, but I ... passed out and noticed the text two hours later. DX!!!! UGH. that's okay, we live a few blocks away from each other anyway.
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Working on your feet for ten hours, when you're not used to it? Murder for your feet. Honestly, they haven't hurt this much in weeks. The work itself wasn't so bad, it's just that I'm not used to walking around and standing for ten hours, with only one twenty minute break as "relief". :/

On the plus side, at least I worked ten hours, and work for the next three days; I'm going to have a very awesome paycheck.

On the plus side, I saw this meme going around where you post your favorite Disney songs. I'm not sure how anyone else did it, but I've seen people list their top fifteen, so I did the same. This was really difficult for me, because I love a lot of Disney songs and it's hard for me to rate one over the other. (Also, I'll type longer explanation to some of the songs later. I'm in a hurry to get to work. Sigh. :/)

Top 15 Favorite Disney Songs )
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I don't waaaanna go to work.


Oh, well. At least I'm off tomorrow. :/

(Also, happy birtday, [ profile] bangflip and [ profile] suspicious!)

Edit: I'm putting together a Mamoru/Usagi playlist for myself. What has taken me so long? DX So far, the songs are the sappiest songs ever. Hahahah, um.
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Oh my God, I am sore. My neck and shoulders really hurt, and I was up all night with my scalp hurting me. I think I'm getting sick, because I haven't felt this sore since 2006, when I graduated from high school ... lost my voice completely, got body aches, and couldn't get warm like, at all.

:/ I hope this isn't a flu bug, because this is my last week of school and I've got a paper to write tonight and tomorrow. Why couldn't I get sick last week?! I skipped my classes twice, for God's sake.

Oh, well. At least I'm off from work this week.

A more positive note: I'm thinking about posting my semi-private Mytho/Rue mix that I've had sitting in my iTunes since I've first seen the show. Would anyone be interested in a zip? (I'm wondering if I should post it publicly, because the Princess Tutu fandom hardly explores Mytho/Rue, and that makes me sad.)
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My first day of work starts on Wednesday at five o'clock.

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→ This week has been pretty badass. Hope the weeks to come are just as awesome! Though, I have a feeling I won't have time for ... anything anymore. I'll probably start going to work directly after school, so my entire morning and evenings will be filled these days. I also discovered that I have a lot more classes to take before I even get my associates, sonofabitch I'm so sick of school. :/ But I'll have money to pay for classes now, so I won't burden my parents anymore.

→ Got that DVD of Disney's Pinocchio. I forgot how much I love the music in that movie. Though, now that I'm older ... the Pleasure Island sequence disturbs me a lot more now. The kid turning into the donkey and freaking out never ceases to chill me. (That whale is pretty creepy, too.)

→ Meme time!

It's simple: provide a muse/character name and I will answer the following questions.

01. Full name:
02. Best friend:
03. Sexuality:
04. Favorite color:
05. Relationship status:
06. Ideal mate:
07. Turn-ons:
08. Last sexual experience:
09. Favorite food:
10. Crushes:
11. Favorite music:
12. Biggest fear:
13. Biggest fantasy:
14. Quirks in bed:
15. Bad habits:
16. Biggest regret:
17. Best kept secrets:
18. Last thought:
19. Worst sexual/romantic experience:
20. Biggest insecurity:

I may or may not be able to answer the sex questions for everyone, so I'll either not answer or try to guess. Characters are here:
[ profile] kory_of_tamaran - Starfire
[ profile] trickstersparx - Lightning
[ profile] seemoreofhive - See-More
[ profile] regainmyhonor - Zuko
oh what the hell, [ profile] feelsconflicted - THE BOULDER
And any original character you can think of, or if I'm missing anyone on this list that I've played before, shoot away.
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I think I have a job interview on Monday!


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