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I heard there's this battle between Tumblr versus Livejournal now? Whatever, dudes. It sounds lame and it isn't worth the headache. Both are legitimate great forms of blogging in their own rights for different reasons.

Also, there's been this stupid chart circulating around Tumblr and Livejournal about female characters and grouping them into stereotypes to display how they aren't strong female characters. Nobody is an exception, not even Sailor Moon or Angelica Pickles or Yoko Ono. I can't really explain what's wrong with it as properly as I want to, so I'm going to link you to a few posts that sum everything I feel about this chart. There's much more, but those two are the main ones that pop into my brain right now.

Speaking of Tumblr!

A few months back I posted a series of fanart featuring ships I don't actually or actively ship. These were pictures that inspired me to check a ship out or the picture was so pretty that I couldn't help but love the ship for a short amount of time until I realized, "Oh, yeah, this does nothing for me in canon, my mistake."

I thought about it for a few days, before and after [ profile] analeisa started doing a fanart spam based on the idea in her own tumblr, and decided to feature some fanfiction that do the same thing for me. The featured stories focus on ships I don't really love nor do I really seek out on a regular basis. These stories do such a great job at convincing me (and possibly others) that the ship can work or displaying everything beneficial the ship has to offer to fans that I can't help but add them to my favorites and go back for constant rereads.

So, here's the list. There's only four of them, for now, but these four are some of my favorites to recommend.

Fandoms include Disney, Avatar: The Last Airbender, and Kingdom Hearts... )
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(1) For those of you who follow [ profile] racebending or the news about the white washing in the live-action film of Avatar: The Last Airbender, apparently there's a graphic novel now. The second one, I don't have much of a problem with, because they do show Zuko with his scar, but the first one? Nooooo.

(2) I watched The Hunchback of Notre Dame because I was in a bad mood and I was looking for a pick-me-up. It has to be my second favorite Disney movie. I really wish Disney would release it on Blu Ray.

(3) As a quick note, I haven't forgotten about the fanmix meme! D: I'll get around to it.

(4) I got "Fool" by Christopher Moore on paperback. I've been going back and fourth between that and "House of Leaves," admittedly not far in either books since I Haven't been in the mood to read anything. Both books are really good so far, though.
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Disney restyles 'Rapunzel' to appeal to boys

"We did not want to be put in a box," said Ed Catmull, president of Pixar and Disney Animation Studios, explaining the reason for the name change. "Some people might assume it's a fairy tale for girls when it's not. We make movies to be appreciated and loved by everybody."


Disney hopes the introduction of the slightly bad-boy character will help it tap the broadest possible audience for "Tangled," emulating the success of its corporate sibling, Pixar. Pixar's movies have been huge hits because they appeal to girls, boys and adults. Its most recent release, "Up," grossed more than $700 million worldwide.

"The Princess and the Frog" generated considerably less -- $222 million in global ticket sales to date.

"Based upon the response from fans and critics, we believe it would have been higher if it wasn't prejudged by its title," Catmull said.

Am I misguided here? Didn't the movie generate less money because James Cameron released his movie around the same time? People wanted to see "Avatar", which is an unfortunate thing for other movies released around the same time but it doesn't mean the rest were bad movies.

If it's about Pixar's financial success, well, maybe Pixar is making more money because it takes its audience seriously. Yes, there's a lack of female leads and I do see the problems with that, but you can't tell me Disney can't learn a thing or two from that company. "Up" was successful and heart-warming because it wasn't about a fairy tale or characters bursting into song and whatnot. It was about an elderly man who wanted to live his deceased wife's dream for her, which leads him on an adventure with a boy, a huge bird and a talking dog. It was a risk because main protagonists are usually younger, but the animators behind Pixar have the passion to pull it off. Pixar hasn't come out with a fairy tale or a princess movie. There's a film about a princess in the works, but that's, what, one out how many movies they worked on? (Not to mention there's other studios that flourished without depending on tired fairy tales, such as Studio Ghibli and, as much as I feel 'meh' towards most of their films, Dreamworks.)

My point is this: the problem lies in what the audience wants, not what appeals to boys, because I don't think that's the specific problem here, and boys and men have been watching Disney films for years, and that's not counting the animators behind these films that happen to be men. (I mean, my father? He fucking loves Enchanted. It's one of his favorite movies! And that's not counting the other movies he's watched with me over the years.) Simply catering to the boys that hate Disney movies just because isn't going to help the studios survive.

I think audiences in general are sick of movies about princesses, children included. As much as I loved the movies during the Disney Renaissance, and as much as I liked "The Princess and the Frog", my feelings changed when I watched "Sailor Moon" and adopted Serena as my role model over somebody like Ariel, because I actually got to see this girl kicking ass and saving the world with her friends and boyfriend as her support.

I still love Disney. That part of me will never change. However, it's hard to love a studio that refuses to take some risks for its new audience. I wouldn't mind saying good-bye to the princess movies if something new comes out of it. Society is evolving, so the studio should evolve along with it.

In the meantime, Disney, please change the fucking title back to its original one.
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I decided to delete the last entry. I hate posting angst entries. It makes me feel embarrassed later. :/ Sorry to you guys.

I picked up this meme from [ profile] cheriestar, so I busied myself for a few minutes with these last night.

Comment here and I'll pick three of your fandoms. You have to repost this with your answers to the questions in your journal. Or you can do it here in the entry, whichever works.

Teen Titans )

Sailor Moon )

Disney )
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Guess who just saw Princess and the Frog and adored it so very much?

Guess who just got her period in the cinema bathroom? (Lalala, I'm not cutting that part because I DON'T CARE.)

And guess who is feeling very blunt/mouthy right now? Seriously I keep talking at EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING and I can't shut up.
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Disney's "Beauty and the Beast" to become live-action musical movie?


And there's a spider/little black bug/a heartless!!11one on my ceiling. Not again.
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This is so much fun crack! I used to watch this every now and then on the Disney Channel, when I was bored and nothing else was on, and this ... yeah, this is such a random pairing.

Although, seeing Hades in Mickey Mouse shorts ... I am never going to get my innocence back.
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Working on your feet for ten hours, when you're not used to it? Murder for your feet. Honestly, they haven't hurt this much in weeks. The work itself wasn't so bad, it's just that I'm not used to walking around and standing for ten hours, with only one twenty minute break as "relief". :/

On the plus side, at least I worked ten hours, and work for the next three days; I'm going to have a very awesome paycheck.

On the plus side, I saw this meme going around where you post your favorite Disney songs. I'm not sure how anyone else did it, but I've seen people list their top fifteen, so I did the same. This was really difficult for me, because I love a lot of Disney songs and it's hard for me to rate one over the other. (Also, I'll type longer explanation to some of the songs later. I'm in a hurry to get to work. Sigh. :/)

Top 15 Favorite Disney Songs )
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Go to, yo. It's very simple and quick to use.

P.S. As much as I adore Belle from "Beauty and the Beast", why does every other person in the literary communities always post with icons of her? Seriously, I must've seen three different Belle icons today - from the same scene!

If I ever saw an icon of Gaston holding Belle's book and attempting to read it, that would be awesomely different. See:

Give me variation, people!
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→ This week has been pretty badass. Hope the weeks to come are just as awesome! Though, I have a feeling I won't have time for ... anything anymore. I'll probably start going to work directly after school, so my entire morning and evenings will be filled these days. I also discovered that I have a lot more classes to take before I even get my associates, sonofabitch I'm so sick of school. :/ But I'll have money to pay for classes now, so I won't burden my parents anymore.

→ Got that DVD of Disney's Pinocchio. I forgot how much I love the music in that movie. Though, now that I'm older ... the Pleasure Island sequence disturbs me a lot more now. The kid turning into the donkey and freaking out never ceases to chill me. (That whale is pretty creepy, too.)

→ Meme time!

It's simple: provide a muse/character name and I will answer the following questions.

01. Full name:
02. Best friend:
03. Sexuality:
04. Favorite color:
05. Relationship status:
06. Ideal mate:
07. Turn-ons:
08. Last sexual experience:
09. Favorite food:
10. Crushes:
11. Favorite music:
12. Biggest fear:
13. Biggest fantasy:
14. Quirks in bed:
15. Bad habits:
16. Biggest regret:
17. Best kept secrets:
18. Last thought:
19. Worst sexual/romantic experience:
20. Biggest insecurity:

I may or may not be able to answer the sex questions for everyone, so I'll either not answer or try to guess. Characters are here:
[ profile] kory_of_tamaran - Starfire
[ profile] trickstersparx - Lightning
[ profile] seemoreofhive - See-More
[ profile] regainmyhonor - Zuko
oh what the hell, [ profile] feelsconflicted - THE BOULDER
And any original character you can think of, or if I'm missing anyone on this list that I've played before, shoot away.
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So, uh, I watched Beverly Hills Chihuahua and actually liked it. >_>; It's a movie about talking dogs! And it's Disney! I couldn't resist! Plus we got it for eight dollars cheaper with coupons.

Almost forgot!

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Hearing Republicans from my community college suggest that Democrats in general should get impeached from office put me in a very pessimistic mood today. THAT'S MY GENERAL MOOD ABOUT POLITICS TODAY, WHAT'S YOURS?

In better news, take a look at this video. It has some pretty sweet concept art and pictures of dolls for the next Disney movie The Princess and the Frog. I'm pretty excited about this movie. It looks cute. Please to be getting back to your glory days, Disney.

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Watching the Disney version of "The Hunchback of Notre Dame," which I ordered On Demand. This movie is a lot better than I remembered. I have to get around to reading the book. It's been sitting in my book shelf for awhile now. (I wonder if they ever released a special edition for this movie?)

By the way, I had another dream. The Following Dream ) Why do I always have stupid pointless dreams?

So, yeah. Went out yesterday and did some more Christmas shopping yesterday. Still need to get a lot more done.
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I remember how traumatized I was after I watched the entire cartoon. D:

Though, this does explain my love for opera music.


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