Feb. 18th, 2011

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Yes. Physical education is extremely important, especially in today's times where kids can't really play outside like they used to. If a family isn't fortunate enough to pay mind to nutrition in their household, gym classes can provide opportunities for kids to stay in shape and remain healthy. Also, I imagine a lot of kids need to burn their energy someplace; sitting in a classroom all day without activity or recess can't be good for anyone. I believe it's just as awful of an idea to remove gym classes from a school curriculum as it is to remove art classes or music programs. It's a bad idea.

On the other hand, physical education was never a pleasant experience for me. Gym classes always seem to be an excuse for kids to pick on each other, especially if you're playing a game like dodgeball. It got better in high school, but it was so boring. Physical education isn't necessarily going to be a fun class for you if you're not interested in sports, and that seems to be all anyone ever wants to do in those classes. :/

So...yes, I do think it should be mandatory, but I also think schools should make sure gym class is a fun time for everyone.


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