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I beat Mass Effect 2 last night.

NOBODY DIED. Even my crew survived. (There was a scene where Miranda was hit by a bullet. I thought she was going to die and panicked. Thankfully she was fine. I love her for telling the Illusive Man to fuck off and officially resigned when he wanted the Collector Base.)

I think Tisha Shepard is officially the coolest lady ever. (And the prettiest, imho. I really should grab a picture of her.) She and Riz can sit around and boast about how big of badasses they were, Paragons and all. And maybe Riz can get Shepard tips about going into a damn war, since it seems like Shepard's going to need a lot of help with that. D:

I'm sad that there's no Mass Effect for the PS3. It was sad to see some of the default assumptions from the first game that I know Tisha wouldn't make. I know I'm missing out on not being able to play the first one, but there's no way in hell that I'm buying an X-Box just to play one trilogy. (We have no room for another console, anyway.)

Also, I uh, romanced Thane. I meant to do Garrus! I really did! But then Thane showed up and Tisha was all "ooh mr. thane ooh." I guess she likes them dangerous, angsty, and complicated? So, um, a toast to his health in the third game! Heh heh heh oh. D:

So, yeah, I might replay it. Make another f!Shepard with more renegade choices and romancing Garrus. Or maybe try my hand at a m!Shepard, but I doubt it. Maybe I'll wait until Mass Effect 3 is out to try my hand at a male protagonist, since none of the love interests in the second game really piqued my interest.


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