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Is it sad to say that I'm not very excited about Easter? I don't know why. It's not so much the holiday itself as it is the actual celebration. I can't really get myself hyped up for it anymore.

Of course, I'm only belly-aching. I should note a few positive things that have been going on lately.

1. Um, I'm writing again? It's crappy Dragon Age fanfiction involving my Warden and how she's dragged into all sorts of shenanigans, but at least they're story ideas I'm actually writing down.

2. I've been saving up for another laptop, too. I just...can't stand this Dell anymore. It doesn't work the way I want it to, even though I'm really not sure what I'm doing wrong. The hard drive went into failure twice since I've owned it, beyond my own doing. I guess it's a good sign that it needs to get scrapped? Either way, I've been looking to buy a laptop that's good for gaming anyway. The only problem is that I have no idea what to even buy, other than I'm looking into HP computers.

3. I recently watched the finale for Madoka Magica, and holy crap, that left me teary-eyed. It's been awhile since I watched an anime that left me anticipating the end that badly. I'm glad it didn't fail to deliver what I expected.

4. Uh. That's it? I never know what to blog anymore. The biggest thing that happened to me today was that I got two t-shirts and two new journals from my parents as an Easter present. Both are Disney-themed. They're cute.
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Since I've already filled this journal with lots of complaints about my stupid job and my stupid chest cold, I'll spare you and give you this fandom meme instead. I'll try and blog some more cheerful things after I get off from work tonight! (Because hahahah, spoiler alert: I have no plans. I never do because I hate New Years celebrations.)

1. Your main fandom of the year: I rediscovered Sailor Moon and blogged the hell out of it on my Tumblr. (Especially after I saw the lack of Nephrite/Naru spam on the site. I WAS FILLED WITH RAGE, and then I got off my lazy ass and did it myself.) So there's that.

2. Your favorite Film this year: For films released this year, I've ... surprisingly seen quite a few of them! Scott Pilgrim, How To Train Your Dragon, Despicable Me, Toy Story 3, and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Out of all of those, I have to say that Toy Story 3 was my favorite, purely for the nostalgia factor and how it broke my heart. As for movies I've seen generally the whole year, it's a tie between The Girl Who Leapt Through Time and Star Trek.

3. Your favorite Book read this year: Unfortunately I haven't gotten much reading done this year. :/ I'm starting to get back into the groove, though. I read "Lighthousekeeping" by Jeanette Winterson this year, and everyone should read at least one of her books because she's amazing. ("Written on the Body," if you're looking for a specific recommendation from me.)

4. Your favorite Album or Song this year: Somehow I ended up loving a lot of Lady Gaga! Which I didn't expect because her song "Just Dance" annoyed me when it came out. And even that grew on me.

5. Your favorite TV Show this year: I discovered How I Met Your Mother. And Community. AMAZING, I ACTUALLY WATCHED TV SHOWS THAT AREN'T CARTOONS OR ANIME THIS YEAR.

6. Your favorite LJ Community this year: Uh. idk. None in particular.

7. Your best new Fandom Discovery of the Year? ...Good question! Revolutionary Girl Utena was my earliest, and I'm so glad I waited until I was older to watch it. I didn't really know what to feel after watching it the first time around, but then my love for it smacked me right in the face a few weeks later. Other discoveries include Baccano! and Toradora! And I also got around to reading the entire manga of Full Metal Alchemist. It's much more satisfying than the first anime series. (a-and Harvest Moon games apparently are the bestest things. Don't judge me.)

8. Your biggest Fandom Disappointment of the Year? Final Fantasy XIII. Was it a good game? Yes. Was it a good Final Fantasy game? Hell no.

9. Your TV Boyfriend of the year: Um, does this mean favorite male character or something along those lines? Whatever, I'ma just put Sazh from Final Fantasy XIII here because I think he deserved better than the fandom he's stuck in.

10. Your TV Girlfriend of the year: Orihime! Why do I keep falling back in love with you? And Anthy! You're so confusing, yet I adore you for that.

11. Your biggest Squee moment of the year? As [ profile] escalove already said, the end of FMA. Both sad yet so freaking happy it ended the way it did.

12. Your most Missed Old Fandom? Sailor Moon. Come on, Funimation, redub it already! It deserves it.

13. Your Fandom that you haven't Tried Yet, but want to: I can't think of any in particular. Anything that I want to try, I go ahead and do it in the moment, and drop it very quickly if I don't like it.

14. Your Biggest Anticipations of the New Year: Avatar: The Legend of Korra!
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Since I'm going to be busy recovering from this stupid chest cold and trying to send out last-minute holiday cards:

Merry Christmas to anyone who celebrates it! If not that, then Happy Holidays!


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