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So remember when I asked what computers you'd recommend?

I finally gave in and purchased a new laptop. It's an HP Pavilion dv7. It's supposed to have a snazzy enough video card to do some gaming. Finally! I haven't tried it out, but even if it doesn't work the way I'd want it in that aspect, it's still a lovely computer. Much better than the Dell Inspiron I was using. (And um. More expensive. It's the most money I've ever dropped on a single item. I felt sick.)

I named it Varric. Aw yeah, never abandon me, buddy.
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Well! My morning's started off shitty so far, so let's start with a quick meme I saw on Tumblr and I had to share because it's kind of awesome.

Here are the rules:

1 - Go to the Superpower Wiki.
2 - Click the “Random page” button on the left hand side once. Only once.
3 - Revel (or dismay) in the fact that this is your new superpower. But I bet it’s awesome even if it’s crappy…

I got Mask Powers. Uh. Yeah. Lamest super power ever, but that's because I hate wearing things on my head so there you go. (Seriously, though, even though it's crappy, at least the abilities granted through masks are kind of awesome?)

On the plus side, Wicked's coming back to Chicago. YAY.

Because I'm a negative nancy: still can't afford tickets for The Lion King broadway. NO YAY.
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I bought the first volume of Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood on Blu Ray from Amazon. Its regular list price is $56, but I got it from Amazon for $32. I would've bought it used off of somebody, but the cheapest price a seller wanted was $72, which is a RIDICULOUS SELL considering the list price is cheaper than that. And I wanted to wait until the entire season came out in one package, but ... I'm impatient?

Also, I'm in one of those really bad moods today. I'm angry and I want to cry and there's absolutely nothing I want to eat in the house. And I don't want to talk to people or have them talking to me or suddenly bombarding me with stupid questions or stupid things I don't want to talk about. THIS IS NOBODY'S FAULT. I'm just...really pissy today.
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Glad to see you go. Please let the door hit you in your rambling ass on the way out.

To the people speculating if she's going to run for president, uh, what. Seriously, America, I'd rather have no woman president than this brainless zombie running my country. What's it going to take for people to realize that this ex-governor has no idea what she's talking about?

Oh, well. I'm in a reasonably good mood today. Because it's ...

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→ Hmmm. Why not?


→ My paid account is going to expire in ... about a half an hour, I think? I'm going to renew it right away, but now I have a crazy urge to delete all of my icons and replace them with new ones? I don't get why I'm so obsessed with icons.

→ I just found out that I'm actually six classes away from getting my associates. Chriiiiiiist. I'll have to take a summer class to make up for loss time.

→ On the plus side, my World Lit/Latin American studies professor complimented my writing and how much it's improved since her last class (which was in early 2007), so... that made my day. I'm excited about the research project we have to do. I have to pick from a list of authors I've never heard of, so ... it's going to be fun to explore them all.

Edit: InterlockingCoho (11:27:06 PM): When the robots revolted, I was not considered a powerful enough robot to enslave humans. That made me sad. DOWNTRODDEN ROBOTS OF THE WORLD UNITE!

Why me.


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